Discovering Why People Blog

There are many reasons why people write blogs. This is why blogs have exploded onto the online scene and show no signs of stopping. If you google the word ‘blog’ you get over six billion hits. That’s right six billion. These are not just blogs of course, they are websites about blogs and blog directories and some of them will be multiple entries.

So, why do

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people blog? A blog is a personal webspace in which we can feel free to express ourselves as and how we wish. They used to say that inside every person is a book waiting to get out, now they can say inside everyone is a ‘blog’! Each person is so different with a different hobby and interests and so each person on the planet will have a different message to give to the world.

Some blogs are diaries with a detailed account of the daily life of the person writing the blog. They write an entry every day and describe their lives in great detail with photos and videos. Some blogs have a great deal of love and attention devoted to them. Others are about families and are mainly meant for the family members to see. If families are large and spread out across the globe then a blog is a great way of keeping in touch with all the far flung members of that family without seeming too intrusive. If other members want to see the latest news then they can do just that whenever and wherever they want. They can have photos of the family growing and developing. New births, deaths and marriages are announced.

Other blogs are professional blogs about businesses, or hobbies, or interest groups, or even make money from blog. People who want to have information about making money or finding a job or any other pastime you can possibly imagine. These blogs are sometimes designed by companies to put across a better image and be able to reach their public more easily.

Blogs are at once the most personal and the most public thing that you can do. You can pour your heart out in blogs. There are blogs about dates that have gone horribly wrong and ended in tears, or hopes and dreams and desires either fulfilled or shattered. Writing seems to be a human condition that we cannot avoid and do not want to.

The popularity of blogging is because they are so easy. They are incredibly easy to set up. You do not need any programming knowledge, you can get one for free and you can generic viagra canadian order generic viagra be set up in seconds with the click of a button. You can be published online within seconds, too. There are no covering letters to send to publishers and editors and no nail-biting wait to see if you have been accepted. Blogs are in the business of accepting you no matter what your subject or writing style. They can also be very therapeutic. Writing down all your innermost thoughts onto your own personal page can be very cleansing.

Blogs are certainly here to stay for a while and for every type of person in existence, there exists a blog.

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