How to Withdraw PayPal Funds in Philippines

Tired of surfing ideas on how to withdraw PayPal? Here’s the great news- we have it just for you. Based on buy cheap generic viagra our personal experiences, many people are stuck on the conventional way of changing PayPal funds into cash. Nowadays, there are plenty of techniques to achieve this which are more convenient and trouble-free. Below are the best common methods used by the PayPal users.

Withdraw PayPal via Bank Account

Bank Names Bank Code
BANK OF CHINA 011140014
CITIBANK N.A. 010070017
EAST WEST BANK 010620014


  1. Go to
  2. Login with your PayPal account
  3. Click on ‘withdraw fund to your bank account’
  4. Type the amount and the chosen back account to transfer the funds
  5. Click ‘submit’ to process

Withdraw PayPal via Credit Card, Debit Card or Prepaid Card

Union Bank EON or eWallet Debit card – A widely used methods in terms of transferring PayPal accounts into cash. Approximately the request lasted to four (4) working days to make available.

Citibank Visa and MasterCard- Payments are

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charged as “Cash advance” that includes additional fees and monthly interest rates. The other option is to use “over-payment cheque” that has no charged and can be requested from all Citibank branches.

HSBC Visa- Funds are assumed as payments to the credit card. Once there is no credits left, you will have to take the overpayment. Moreover, you can do Cash Advance to get the money. The operation takes 1-2 days to be completed.

Standard Chartered Visa – The transfer of funds can be made by doing cash advance

Metrobank Visa- To transfer Paypal funds, you ougth to do Cash Advance or make a payment to the credit card balance

EPCI Bank Visa Electron- To take this payments, money should be diposited to the bank account.

Withdraw PayPal Using Xoom- Xoom takes the payment to be deposited directly to the bank account and can be withdrawn to all ATM’s however using credit card will take the money to pay off credits.
Withdraw PayPal via I$end- This utilizes the using of Chikka Txt Messenger of getting funds from PayPal. Once the payments were made, funds will be automatically credited into Smart Money account.

Withdraw PayPal via Initially PayPal was withdrawn as e-gold then converted into cash. How? Deposited funds should be taken by Scriptlance account and the balance is taken as an e-gold. Then you can collect the e-gold funds to be converted into cash by means of e-currency exchangers like

Withdraw PayPal via PLDT Online- In your Smart Money account; you only need to withdraw the cash directly from verified Paypal or Moneybookers account. The transfer is easy and fast except for the beginners since they need to submit documentations to verify the account.

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101 Responses to “How to Withdraw PayPal Funds in Philippines”

  1. Cody says:

    If you have a bank, I don’t think you’re verified yet. Check your account if it says “verified.” I had to add a credit card before.

  2. wilson says:

    to kaiser n everybody in d haus. same with all of u. i came from BDO, METROBANK, RCBC n EASTWEST BANK.
    D staff there doesn’t have a clue on the bank codes i’m asking n varifying it kung tama o mali. the worst service n answer was with eastwest caloocan. anyway bdo told me they don’t have bank code but routing no.# mayroon but the bank code for bdo 010530667 that i’ve shown them …. is a routing code of bdo ortigas branch n para sa branch ko they got a different code. same with metrobank different from what was posted… ask ko lang if i can use my BDO branch code WHICH differs from the above to transact with paypal and or if i used the posted bdo 010530667 codes which is posted above will i still get the transferred funds to my account….
    coz when i ask the questions to the staff over bdo caloocan n j.abad santos they can’t answer it n don’t have a clue….. HELP HELP coz i’m stucked with these problem for 1week n gusto ko na mag register sa paypal n start my part tym sa internet….

    thanks in advance to anyone who can give me a positive answers.

    • Xtina says:

      You may use SMART MONEY for the verification because you will right away receive text messages after each transaction. The code will be shown there so it is easy, unlike in other bank, I’ve also tried using Security Bank before (for verification) but they don’t have any idea where that code is, lol. :D

      But then withdrawing the funds in my Paypal has been a pain in the ass. :( It’s been a month already that I am trying to transfer it to my Bank Account (using the Security Bank Mastercard NOW) still no luck, still waiting now though cos it says in the email that I should see it in my bank account today. Good luck to me.

  3. Ces says:

    Thanks Cody for the information. @Wilson, I think the bank code stated here is applicable to all branches of your bank. @Mercy, after identifying a bank account where you want your money transfered, you have to get verified (there’s is a small “get verified” link on the upper left of the overview page) and link your credit card. Once you got verified, you need to check what the currency of your balance is. E.g. if your paypal balance is in dollars and your account is in Philippines peso, you need to do conversion first before you can enable withdrawals. I got a message that they have started transfering money to my bank which might take 2-4 days. I just got successful with the verification process yesterday so I cannot confirm yet whether I will get the money.
    This Paypal thing really gave me a headache. My money has been lying there for more than three weeks already because I did not know what to do next ( there are no instructions, by the way). For the last three weeks, I discover new processes each time through those who shared their experiences. I wonder if they add/ change their process every now and then?

  4. Angels says:

    ganun ba katagal magwidraw sa paypal? they are asking me my credit card number but i don’t have a credit card, how can i withdraw my money na????

  5. Ryan Murro says:


    • @@@@RYAN MURRO

      pano nga po???kelangan pa ng BDO acct. o pwede na ang smart money acct.???anong smart money card ang dapat mong ilagay pagwithdraw???smart money card acct.# o ung smart money acct.# na binigay sau upon regstering ur smart simcard?dn sa smart money card me dalawang #….ung 16digit na nagstart sa 529967 at ung 12 digit na nasa ibaba ng pangalan mo,,,alin ba doon ang gagamitin sa pagwithdraw?taz ano ang 9digit bank code ng BDO????help naman jan…..tga dapitan ako malapit sa dipolog.

    • jade march hipe says:

      paano po mag withdraw ng money from my paypal account to my debit card?
      i’ve tried many times po but it says that my card number is invalid. :( ( i am already verified po but it wont let me withdraw my money from my paypal..

    • Resl says:

      hi, you said pwde ng chinabank for withdrawal ng funds? my chinabank acct kc ak.but ang prob ko is ung pagverify ng acct pra mkapagwithdraw ng funds kc 0.00 pa dn ung limit. I got the instructions for verification using EON. pero sabi mo pwde chinabank. does it mean na pwde un pang verify? how? or pwde ko mawithdraw thru my chinabank acct w/out verification? help nman please. thanks.

  6. hazel says:


    Kelangan ko po tulong nyo, ng transfer ako ng funds from paypal to smartmoney, pero 4 days napo hindi pa dumating pera,gaano katagal po ba dumating yong pera from paypal to smartmoney? at saka tama po ba na ang bank code ng smartmoney ay ang bank code ng BDO? kasi ang smartmoney BDO yan diba? tulong po…


  7. regevie says:

    i successfully withdraw my paypal money using only smartmoneycard.. un nga lng may 250php na fee ang bdo since bdo ang partner ng smartmoney.. 4days ang bibilangin for paypal to complete the transfer the next day pwd mo ng mkta ung pera since my acknowledgement nmn n ipapadala ang smart via sms. tested ko n 2… pwd din ang visacard bsta meron ka…hehe

    • Shi-e says:

      panu mo na withdraw ung funds mo sa paypal to smart money ?

    • dorry lyn says:

      hi,, agad agad din poba ka nka received ng code nung ng verify ka ng paypal using smart money? kasi i do it now pero wala paring akong na receive na code :(

    • mssy_te says:

      hi regevie,

      pano ba ako maka avail ng smart money card and where? sa nabasa ko connected pa rin smart money sa bdo.. kasi kelangan ng bank code dba.. me babayaran ba pra mka reg sa smartmoney card? o dpat ba muna ako mag open account sa bdo?

    • jade says:

      i tried that one po pero nung nilagay ko smartmoney card number ko it says “please enter a valid card number” i am already verified na po. :( (

    • lyn says:

      ask q lng po kng panong proseso ang ginawa u pra mawithdraw ung money u from paypal to smartmoney

      can u plz give to me step by step?
      tnx po

  8. anne says:

    gaano po ba katagal bago makuha ung pera sa paypal kasi nung thursday night pa nprocess ung transfer sa account ko via BPI pero hanggang ngaun wala pa many long do i need to wait for the fund in my account i cannot view it in my savings account in BPI, ATM Card……
    hope you can reply me….

    • joy says:

      alin po ba ang gagamitin ng account number sa bpi yung nsa harap o nsa likod na number? nagwithdraw kasi ako from paypal to bpi account but nagreverse dko alam alin ang mali kasi alam ko tama naman ang name at address parehas lng cla…paano malalaman kung alin ang may problema?

  9. ann says:

    hi guys wanna ask something hope someone can help me..
    i receive an email that someone send me money thru paypal..i have my paypal account and im using it buying vouchers online..when i receive the email tht someone send me,i cant see it in my paypal account,they said tht i need to verify my email,so i verify it,then i wait for 3 days ,cos i thought it will take 48 hours to see the money in my paypal account after it was verified,but until now it stil not appear in my paypal,
    is there anyone who can help me?

  10. hello paypal i ask u something why did not transfer the money into the card july 26 i withdraw to paypal i wait after 7days did not transfer yet !

  11. mssy_te says:

    about din sa eon card sa union bank pwde ba mag apply dun for eon card only at hindi na mag open ng initial deposit? pwde ba P350 muna byaran?

  12. Anghel says:

    Hi there. I would like to ask if I can withdraw my paypal
    money. I want to use for my education through net.
    I even tried to put my acct number (debit)
    but paypal won’t accept the 8 digit bank code of BDO
    they are asking for 9 digits.

    Please help me to get through with this.

    Thanks and God bless.


    • Dan says:

      baka nakalimutan mo mag lagay ng Zero: d ba ito yun= 010530667 for BDO..pki try na lang po at baka matanggap nila…good luck po.

  13. John says:

    hello po!! ask ko lang kung ano pa ang ibang paraan para ma remove ung access limited sa paypal ko..? verified naman paypal ko after 2 weeks access limited na..
    tapos ko na rin na update lahat ng review dun sa resolution center at wala nang ibang review
    naka pag upload na rin ako sa proof of billing, I.D, update pass, update secret question, etc.. dalawang linggo after ko nagawa lahat ng review
    wala pa ring nangyari hanggang ngayun…
    patulong naman po sa inyo kasi newbie lang ako sa paypal
    sayang naman pera ko dun..T_T

  14. benzar says:

    i make a paypal acc and link my debit card visa RcbC my wallet.. and ive linked it to my pay-pal account when i wwas tansfering funds paypal to my card.. it says my card not yet verrified? why is it that still hppens when ive fill up my link card , card number and info im pretty sure ive done it correctly ? pls i need reply

  15. melody says:

    malaki ang problem ko kasi since year 2009 pa ako may pera sa paypal account ko but hanggang ngayon di ko mawithdraw ang money ko kasi nakalimited access ang account ko kasi wala akong credit card, but i added my local bank account here sa philippines, so ang tanong ko ilang years na ang lumipas pero hanggand ngayon hindi ko mawithdraw ang pera ko sa paypal account ko kasi nga nakalimited access ako,,,pls help me what will i do

  16. melody says:

    i have added my two local bank accounts na metrobank at landbank of the philippines pero di pa din ako makapagwithdraw limited pa din ang account ko its been 3yrs now hindi ko pa din makuha ang pera ko sa paypal ko…pls help me what will i do

    • euthor says:

      You can verify your Paypal account using Smart Money or Union Bank’s EON card. I think you can now again apply online an EON card in Union Bank’s website.

    • riel says:

      Apply ka nalang ng EON card sa union bank. 3-4 days lang ang hihintayin mo. anjan na agad ang pera mo.

  17. chocnut says:

    Hi, can i use my smartmoney card to verify my paypal account then withraw my paypal funds sa BDO saving account ko?

  18. tess says:

    pls help me,my paypal transfer to eoncard denied? pls 1 month kuna inantay bakit denied,pls baka may advice kau,verified and unli..napo ang eon card ko..ano po problema..thnx..

  19. tess says:

    pls help me,my paypal transfer to eoncard denied? pls 1 month kuna inantay bakit denied,pls baka may advice kau,verified and unli..napo ang eon card ko..ano po problema..thnx..
    An electronic funds transfer from your PayPal account to your bank account was rejected today for this reason:

    Invalid Bank Account Information

    Our system was not able to process the transaction with the bank information listed on your account. You should contact your bank regarding the bank account information required for electronic funds transfers.

    • edztacy says:

      Denied talaga kung walang laman yung EON account mo. dapat may at least 200 pesos na laman yun. deposit ka muna ng 200 pesos :) tapos kelangan mo rin magsign up ng EON account sa website nila. Enroll ka sa tapos Add Debit/Credit card ka na.. I think magiging okay na yun.. :)

  20. Jepoy says:

    Hello po mag tatanung lang po sana ako dahil d po ako sure kung paano ma eencash yung pera ko sa paypal. nagbasa na po ako mga forums and infos about it and ive been doing it step by step carefully kasi ayaw ko mablock ang account ko at mejo malaki laman ng paypal ko. Eto po ang mga nagawa ko na.

    1:Nagopen po ako ng eon card account sa union bank dito sa branch sa amin, March 13, 2012
    the teller told me to wait for at least 1 week para makuha ko yung card. Without the card hindi ma veverify at malilink sa paypal yung account.

    2.March 20,2012 exactly a week after i opened an account i finally got my eon card with the card number,account number,CVV, and the pin.
    3.Nabasa ko sa forum kailangan may laman yung account at least 200 PHP or $.199 so nag deposit na din ako.
    4.Ngayun ang kailangan ko na po ay maiverify yung paypal account sabi sa akin ng friend ko mag register daw ako sa union bank site para sa eon cyber account para ma check online ang mga transaction at kailangan din para maverify yung paypal.
    5.Nkapg register na po ako pero it will take 2 days daw para ma approve yung registration ko sa cyber account.

    Magiintay po ba ako 2 days or pede ko na iverify ngayun yung paypal account ko? kasi sobrang tagal na talaga ng processing merun pa daw kasunod kailangan magintay ulet 4 days pag na withdraw na sa union bank account yung pera sa paypal. Pa Help nman po salamat!

    • edztacy says:

      Hi! kakaverify lang din ng account ko sa paypal. kahit di pa verified ung account mo sa EON cyber account, pwede mo ng iverify yung acct mo sa paypal.. tas pagverify mo hintay ka na naman ng mga 2 days.. after 2 days view mo sa EON cyber account mo ung “Last 10 transactions” nasa dropdown menu yun ng Account Summary. makikita mo dun ung 4 digit verification number ng paypal. punta ka sa paypal website then click Verify tas merong pop-up window tapos enter mo ung 4 digit code. tapos ayos na. :) verified kana. withdraw mo ung pera mo tas hintay kana naman up to 4 days para matransfer pera mo. hope this helped ;)

  21. Joms says:

    march 20, 2012 nakalagay sa status nung withdrawal ko sa paypal eh “completed” (paypal to bank transfer ginawa ko.
    pero ngayon march 22, 2012 wala namang pumasok sa account ko. pa help po. newbie ako sa paypal to unionbank eon transaction

  22. fad says:

    hi! i would just like to know if how can i be able transfer the remaining paypal’s balance account of my friend to my account? Because my friend is already in the states and he wants to give his remaining balance or transferred it to my bank account here in the philippines.
    Can you help me with this?

  23. stephen says:

    try nyo to, matatangap nyo pera nyo sa paypal in just a few hours , pero merong service fee nababayaran, ok to kasi na try kuna kasi kailangan ko ang pera agad..

  24. stephen says:

    try nyo to, matatangap nyo pera nyo sa paypal in just a few hours , pero merong service fee nababayaran, ok to kasi na try kuna kasi kailangan ko ang pera agad..

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